Party on Pancake Day with Foyleside’s Singing Chef

Foyleside Shopping Centre is calling all families to join them on the mall to celebrate Pancake Tuesday with free pancakes and the appearance of their very own Singing Chef!

Taking place on Tuesday, February 28 (Shrove Tuesday), simply visit the Centre anytime between 11am to 2pm to get your hands on the sweet treats – which come complete with a range of toppings.

On hand to whip up the delicious delicacies will be the talented team from Synge and Byrne, who can’t wait to dish up as many pancakes as possible. If you’ve ever been into their Foyleside branch, you’ll know their desserts couldn’t be anything but scrumptious.

Plus, to add to the atmosphere, Synge & Byrne’s very own Singing Chef Monica will be entertaining the crowds with her wide range of tunes, from colourful classics to contemporary hits. Armed with a spatula in one hand, and a microphone in the other, Monica is anything but a one-hit wonder!

If you can’t make the festivities – don’t worry. Foyleside’s Marks & Spencer Foodhall has everything you need to whip up some delicious pancakes yourself at home, whether you prefer the ready-made pancake mix, or are doing it from scratch. Here’s a peek at what you need to make Foyleside’s favourite Pancake recipe at home:


  • 110g/4 oz plain flour
  • 1 large egg
  • ½ pint/280ml milk
  • 2 tbsp melted butter

Simply mix it all together and get pancake-making!

So come along, sing along and join Foyleside to celebrate Pancake Day! Foyleside is found in the heart of Derry’s City Centre, benefiting from convenient parking and late night opening hours. With over 50 top retailers, including new stores like Swarovski, there’s something for everyone in Foyleside.