Please find a list of the stores currently open in Foyleside Shopping Centre and their opening times below:


Iceland: Mon-Sat: 8am-6pm Sun: 1pm-6pm

Nail Varnish Bar: Wed-Fri:9am-5pm Sat:9am-3pm Sun-Tues: Closed


Dunnes Stores: Mon-Tues:9am-6pm Wed-Fri:9am-9pm Sat:9am-7pm Sun:1pm-6pm

M & S: Mon-Tues:9am-6pm Wed-Fri:9am-9pm Sat:9am-7pm Sun:1pm-6pm

Schuh: Mon-Sat: 10am-6pm Sun: 1pm-6pm

Boots: Mon-Tue:9am-6pm Wed-Fri:9am-8pm Sat-Sun:Normal hours

Card Factory: Mon-Sat:9am-5.30pm Sun:1pm-6pm

Clintons: Mon-Tues:10am-5pm Wed:10am-6pm Thur:10am-7pm Fri-Sat:10am-6pm Sun: Closed

SC Beauty: Wed-Sat:10am-4pm Sun:Closed

Jack Wills: Mon-Sat:9am-6pm Sun:1pm-6pm

Body Shop: Mon-Sat:10am-6pm Sun:Closed

Holland & Barrett: Mon-Tue:9am-6pm Wed-Fri:9am-9pm Sat:9am-6pm Sun:1pm-6pm

Monsoon Accessorize: Mon-Sat:10am-5pm  Sun:1pm-5pm

Clarks: Mon-Sat: 9am-5pm Sun:1pm-5pm

Yankee Candle: Mon-Fri:10am-5.30pm Sat:10am-6pm Sun:1pm-5pm

Vision Express: Mon-Sat: 9.30am-5.30pm Sun: Closed

H.Samuel:Mon-Sat:10am-5.30pm Sun:1pm-6pm

The Perfume Shop: Mon-Wed:10am-6pm Thur:10am-9pm Fri:10am-6pm Sat:9am-6pm Sun:1pm-6pm

EE: Mon-Sat:9am-6pm Sun:1pm-6pm

Bureau De Change: Mon-Sat:10am-4pm Sun:Closed

The Lottery Kiosk: Mon-Tue:9am-6pm Wed-Fri: 9am-9pm Sat:9am-7pm Sun:1pm-6pm

Ziggicig: Mon-Sat:9am-6pm  Sun:Closed


Next: Mon-Sat: 9.30am-6pm Sun: 1pm-6pm

H&M: Mon-Sat:10am-6pm Sun: 1pm-6pm

Office:Mon-Sat:10am-5pm Sun:1pm-6pm

Debenhams: Mon – Sat: 10am-6pm Sun: 1pm to 6pm

Topshop/Topman: Mon-Wed:10am-5pm Thur-Fri:10am-8pm Sat:10am-6pm Sun:1pm-5pm

Hays Travel: Mon-Sat: 9am-5.30pm Sun: Closed

Starbucks: Mon-Wed: 9am-6pm Thurs-Fri:9am-8pm Sat:9am-7pm Sun:12.30pm-6pm

DV8: Mon-Wed:9am-6pm Thurs-Fri:9am-8pm Sat:9am-6pm Sun:1pm-6pm

02:Mon-Sat:9am-6pm Sun:1pm-6pm

Uberfone:Mon-Sat:9am-6pm Sun:1pm-6pm

Smiggle: Mon-Sat:10.30am-6.30pm Sun:1pm-6pm

Pavers: Mon-Sat:10am-6pm Sun:1pm-6pm

Jay Brow Bar: Mon-Tue:10am-6pm Wed-Thur:10am- 6.30pm Fri:10am-8pm Sat:10am-6pm Sun:1pm-6pm

Blow Dry Bar: Mon-Fri:9am-6pm Sat:9am-7pm Sun:Closed

Barber Shop: Mon-Tue:9am-6pm Wed:9am-7pm Thurs:9am-8pm Fri-Sat:9am -7pm Sun:12pm-6pm


O’Briens: Mon-Fri:10am-4pm Sat:9am-5pm Sun:12pm-5pm

Supermac’s: Mon-Thur:11am-6pm Fri-Sat:11am-7pm Sun:1pm-6pm

Yangtze Express: Mon-Sat:11am-6pm Sun:1pm-6pm


Pandora: Mon-Sat:9.30am-5.30pm Sun:1pm-4pm

Timpsons: Mon-Sat:9am-5pm Sun:1pm-5.30pm

River Island: Mon-Sat: 10am-5pm Sun: 1pm-6pm

McDonalds: Wed-Fri: 11am-9pm Sat: 8am-7pm Sun:12pm-6pm (Closing times may vary)

Claire’s Accessories: Mon-Sat:9.30am-5.30pm Sun:1pm-5pm

Synge & Byrne: Mon-Fri:9.30am-4.40pm Sat:9.30am-5pm Sun:12.30pm-5pm

Please note during COVID-19 store opening times are subject to change. Please keep an eye out for any further updates and always check the store opening times before making any trips to the centre.

Further stores will be reopening in the coming days. Please keep an eye out on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for regular updates on which stores will be opening.