The time has come for discounted deals and promotions at all your favourite Foyleside Centre retailers, as the biggest shopping day of the year makes its return!

Traditionally, Black Friday was the name given to the day after Thanksgiving in the United States, when large crowds of shoppers would flock to their favourite stores to grab a bargain with Christmas just around the corner.

It wasn’t long until the shopping phenomenon spread to the UK and Ireland, and with Black Friday now a date circled in many shoppers’ calendars, there is plenty to get excited about this November. To celebrate, Foyleside will be running a Finders Keepers event in the centre on Friday, 26th November from 12pm – 3pm with lots of Gift Cards up for grabs.

Anyone is welcome to take part, and the rules couldn’t be simpler:

  • Little black boxes will be hidden around the centre
  • These will contain a token to be redeemed at Customer Services
  • When redeemed, a £25 Foyleside Gift Card will be issued
  • One box will be hidden every 15 minutes (four per hour)
  • Announcements will be made over the PA system & social media platforms when boxes are hidden

The event will be hosted by local personality Micky Doherty, who will be encouraging all our shopaholics to take part while keeping punters on their toes with announcements, clues, and craic.

Fergal Rafferty, Foyleside Centre Manager, said he is ‘delighted’ with all of the pre-Christmas excitement happening throughout the centre, including the upcoming Black Friday event.

He said: 

“There are many exciting things going on at Foyleside at present. Santa has already arrived, and with many people trying to get their Christmas shopping out of the way, there is set to be plenty of footfall in the coming weeks. Black Friday is traditionally a hectic day for shoppers, so we are excited to provide a number of Foyleside Gift Cards for the Finders Keepers event. So, everyone should keep their eyes open if they visit on Friday, and what a day it would be for shoppers to get their hands on one!”