Our team at Foyleside are dedicated to continuing to be the industry leader in providing the very best of customer service in the country. Foyleside won the Retail Customer Focus Award in 2013 and 2014 and also received the Park Mark Safer Parking Award from the British Parking Association in 2015.

We pride ourselves in making sure that our shoppers are well looked after and have everything they need under one roof. With this in mind we have recently added to our portfolio of services.

Not only do we have a fully trained customer service team of 80 individuals who offer a welcome smile and assistance, the centre now offers a range of additional services ensuring the greatest shopping experience.

We offer the following services completely free, Click & Collect, phone charging, customer Wi-Fi, a concierge service and Paypoint service is now available at our Customer Service Desk. In addition we have Shop Mobility including a sighted guide shopping service. We are delighted to offer the very best customer service and a warm welcome to all of our shoppers.

Click & Collect

Foyleside are delighted to be able to offer our shoppers a Free Click & Collect service.

How It Works:

  1. Simply register your details at our customer services Desk Level 3 for our free collection service.
  2. Use Foyleside as your delivery address when making a purchase on the internet from any internet retailer.
  3. Collect your delivery in Foyleside at your convenience after you receive an email confirmation from Foyleside.

Click Here for full Terms and Conditions.


“I have used the service since it has been inaugurated, a total of 6 times. I find it a simple and efficient way of receiving parcels through the mailing system. I use Ebay regularly and I am able to take advantage of the free postage service offered by most Ebay sellers which would not be available if a package is sent to an address in the Republic.

The service I have received to date has been excellent and I hope that it continues.

Well Done to the Click and Collect team”

Mobile Phone Charging

Is your phone running out of battery? Don’t worry we have the solution right here in the centre and it’s FREE.

How It Works:

  • Visit the Charge Box station on Level 3 at the entrance to the Food Quarter
  • Place your phone in to one of the secure lockers and connect it to the relevant charger
  • Close and lock the door
  • Take the key out and return 30 minutes later to collect your phone which is now charged

Compatible with all smartphones.


Just pop in and pay the convenient way at Foyleside. PayPoint lets you pay bills, transfer money and top up your mobile phone. Our full range of PayPoint facilities at Foyleside include:

  • Electricity top-up
  • Gas top-up
  • Mobile phone top up across all networks
  • Money transfer via Western Union
  • Translink travel card top-up
  • TV licence payment
  • Digital Vouchers
  • Other household bill payments
Sensory Room

The Sensory Room is a unique space for children and young adults with autism and other sensory needs. The centre has worked closely with Autism NI to become more autism friendly with specific staff training and Wednesday evenings now being designated quiet evenings. The main mall and retailers will turn off in-store music to help make the shopping experience less stressful for customers affected by autism.

The new sensory room is part of a wider initiative to improve accessibility for all in the centre. The new calming room features fibre optics, bubble tubes and other devices to help remove anxiety if the child or adult becomes distressed, as well as sound and light levels which can be customised throughout, depending on individual needs. It is an ideal place to deal with sensory overloads. Autism NI has also trained six Foyleside staff members to become centre champions. These champions are on hand to assist any child or adult with autism to plan and organise their shopping trips, directing them to the sensory room and other facilities and helping them deal with any possible chaotic experiences.

Adult Changing Facilities

The new adult changing toilets are wheelchair accessible and offer a height-adjustable adult-sized changing bench, a ceiling track hoist, and plenty of space for carers. Our Foyleside Customer Service Assistants are on site to direct you to this facility.


What is Shopmobility ?

Shopmobility Foyle is a community service which lends manual wheelchairs, rollators (walking aids with seats) and mobility scooters to people with limited mobility to shop in the Shopping centres and access the city centre.

The Shopmobility hire service is available for: Anyone who has a mobility problem whether it is temporary or permanent. It’s for people who want to get out and about independently. Equipment hire is also available to visitors to the city who require mobility support to access the full amenities on offer.

When can I use Shopmobility services?

Wheelchairs and scooters are available for hire during Shopmobility office hours, 9-5pm Monday to Friday. (Check in advance for Bank Holiday hires)

Equipment needed outside of office hours is available to hire only by booking the service in advance at the Shopmobility office.

Who can use Shopmobility?

If you wish to use the scheme you will need to register as a member by completing an application form. You can choose which piece of equipment best suit your needs. Training will be provided by Shopmobility staff on safe use of the equipment. You will be issued with your membership card for future visits.

How much does it cost?

There is no charge for this service, although we welcome all voluntary donations to support the running costs.

How do I get to the Shopmobility unit?

If you require transport services, Bridge Accessible Transport can provide services from your front door to the shopping centre.

If you travel by car and require parking facilities close to the Shopmobility unit, we can direct you to the available disabled bays.

Shopmobility staff can meet you in the car-park to deliver and collect mobility equipment during office hours only. Our office is located on the ground floor, Level One in Foyleside Shopping Centre.

Contact Information

Shopmobility Office
Tel: 028 7136 8623 9-5pm Monday to Friday
Mobile: 07821511493 (Mary)
Email: info@shopmobilityfoyle.com

Shopmobility Management Office & Transport Services
Tel: 028 7126 7555 (Paula)
Email: paula.@bridgetransport.co.uk

Quiet Evenings

Each Wednesday evening represents the designated quiet shopping evenings. In the centre background music will be turned off and  tannoy announcements will be kept to a minimum. A Wednesday night once a week was chosen specifically for the autism friendly shopping, as this is their quietest night of the shopping week.

Lost & Found

A lost property service is available at Foyleside Shopping Centre. Either visit Customer Services or call 028 71 377575 if you have either lost or found an item.

Car Park

Our two multi-story car parks provide approximately 1500 parking spaces with a specialist coach park facility to cater for up to eight coaches. With disabled parking and parent and child bays also available.

Car Valet Centre

You Shop, We Shine!

Located at level 1A in our east & west car parks.

Screen Wash Refill – £2.50
Wash & Chamois – £5
Wash & Vac – £13
Wash & Hand Glaze – £25
Mini Valet – £25
Maxi Valet – £40
Interior Shampoo – £40
The Works – £80

No Booking Necessary. Machine polishing available – Ask for details.

Gift Card Checking

You can check the balance of any existing Foyleside Gift Card.

See More on our Gift Card Page.

Gift Card T&Cs

  1. Gift Cards are valid for 12 months from time of purchase.
  2. No change will be given if used in a part payment, but any unused balance will remain on the Gift Card for future purchases.
  3. The Gift Card balance cannot be exchanged for cash or redeemed against the purchase of another card.
  4. Please note that Foyleside Gift Cards cannot be used in Frasers or Hays Travel.
  5. Foyleside Shopping Centre does not accept any liability for lost, stolen, or damaged Gift Cards.
  6. Foyleside Shopping Centre reserves the right to update and change the terms and conditions of our Gift Cards at any time.
  7. Gift cards can be used to purchase another gift card within the 12 months so that the expiry time can be extended for another 12 months.