Foyleside Shopping Centre is delighted to welcome you all back for an enhanced new shopping experience.

Our primary aim is to keep our shoppers and staff alike safe so that everyone can continue to enjoy our wonderful Centre and everything that our retailers have to offer you.

In line with government Coronavirus guidance Foyleside Shopping Centre welcomed the reopening of its non-essential stores from Friday 12th June. During lockdown, Foyleside supported essential stores to remain open throughout this period as well as maintaining the safety of shoppers and staff.

The health and safety of customers and employees continues to be the top priority and Foyleside has introduced enhanced measures to keep you shoppers safe. Enhanced hygiene regimes that were introduced at the start of the outbreak will continue, with more deep cleaning of key areas and touchpoints like escalators, toilets and keypads. These measures have remained in place while Foyleside Shopping Centre also provided vital access to essential services during the lockdown period. Hand sanitiser stations are present throughout the centre and signage to ensure visitors stay socially distanced that will not only meet all requirements but go ‘above and beyond’.

It is advised that as now mandatory, visitors wear face masks (unless you have an exemption) on entering the building and the Centre will also be utilising its in-centre people counting system monitoring the number of shoppers in the Centre at any given time. All staff have received specialist training in line with Covid guidelines and ongoing staff training is in place to ensure visitors stay socially distanced.

Speaking on how the centre has adapted, Fergal Rafferty, Centre Manager said, “As Foyleside is one of the larger shopping centres in the country, we are in a fortunate position whereby we can manage the customer journey throughout the centre and in all the stores. As well as heightened hygiene measures across every touch point, we have technology to monitor footfall and flows and ensure social distancing is practiced, as well as the benefit of onsite security customer services teams to carefully control the measures at all times”.

Fergal continued, “Our priority is the safety and wellbeing of all of our customers, retailers and colleagues. We have considered carefully how to create an operating environment that allows the centre and all stores to reopen safely. Throughout the mall and within all of our stores, we will display clear information for consumers on how to shop in this new environment. Our team have been working incredibly hard to keep our centre clean and safe and we are hugely grateful to them for all their continued work going forward. We would also like to thank our customers and visitors for all their cooperation and patience so far”.

Other measures introduced include encouragement for shoppers to use contactless payment for transactions, safety reminders on in-centre digital displays and safety announcements over the tannoy system.