St Patrick’s Day Celebrations  

Foyleside Shopping Centre will be marking St Patrick’s Day 2024 with some very exciting events. 

On Sunday, March 17th, celebrations will be between 1-2.30pm with a live Irish dancing on level 2 of the centre. So come along, bring all the family, and get into the mood with a thrilling display of traditional dancing.

Have a (code) cracking time! 

In addition to this, Foyleside will also be running an exciting golden-coin hunt in the days leading up to St Patrick’s Day. This is a fun activity for all the family…and a special prize is up for grabs! 

Go to the places where fine things are sold, 

and unscramble the clues for a pot of gold! 

Special clues will lead to certain shops where a series of mysterious letters wait to be discovered! 

Eight simple letters are scattered about – 

find each one before the time runs out.  

Uncover the word and lo and behold, 

You could be winning a pot of gold! 

Shoppers will have the opportunity to go on a scavanger hunt around the centre, uncover the hidden letters, spell the secret word…and if you are lucky enough you could win an amazing prize!

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