What is Shopmobility ?

Shopmobility Foyle is a community service which lends manual wheelchairs, rollators (walking aids with seats) and mobility scooters to people with limited mobility to shop in the Shopping centres and access the city centre.

The Shopmobility hire service is available for: Anyone who has a mobility problem whether it is temporary or permanent. It’s for people who want to get out and about independently. Equipment hire is also available to visitors to the city who require mobility support to access the full amenities on offer.


When can I use Shopmobility services?

Wheelchairs and scooters are available for hire during Shopmobility office hours, 9-5pm Monday to Friday. (Check in advance for Bank Holiday hires)

Equipment needed outside of office hours is available to hire only by booking the service in advance at the Shopmobility office.


Who can use Shopmobility?

If you wish to use the scheme you will need to register as a member by completing an application form. You can choose which piece of equipment best suit your needs. Training will be provided by Shopmobility staff on safe use of the equipment. You will be issued with your membership card for future visits.


How much does it cost?

There is no charge for this service, although we welcome all voluntary donations to support the running costs.


How do I get to the Shopmobility unit?

If you require transport services, Bridge Accessible Transport can provide services from your front door to the shopping centre.

If you travel by car and require parking facilities close to the Shopmobility unit, we can direct you to the available disabled bays.

Shopmobility staff can meet you in the car-park to deliver and collect mobility equipment during office hours only. Our office is located on the ground floor, Level One in Foyleside Shopping Centre.


Contact Information

Shopmobility Office
Tel: 028 7136 8623 9-5pm Monday to Friday
Mobile: 07821511493 (Mary)
Email: info@shopmobilityfoyle.com

Shopmobility Management Office & Transport Services
Tel: 028 7126 7555 (Paula)
Email: paula.@bridgetransport.co.uk